A Gothic Folktale

A Fools Journey

World Premiere October 18, 2013

Collaborators often share the stage during Wonderbound productions. Photo by Amanda Tipton, 2014

Evoking a time when magic, mythology and superstition were real and believable, A Gothic Folktale, transfixes audiences by entwining all new music and dance with illusion and projection art.

The work employs multiple collaborations to further deepen the sense of mystery. Denver artist Jesse Manley performs on-stage with the Wonderbound artists, unveiling all new music created for the production. Illusionist/mentalist Professor Phelyx adds a third “magical” dimension to the mix. Phelyx, an award-winning Comedic Mentalist, began performing in Denver in 1981. His special talents are utilized to add audience participation and perception-bending mystery to Ammon’s choreography.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Jesse Manley in the past and I have watched him evolve as an artist over the past several years, so I have been anxious to work with him again. Adding Professor Phelyx to the project seemed like the perfect mix for a new a daring adventure that would push us all into new territory. I am proud to be working with both of them,” said Garrett Ammon.

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