Lovedy Barbatelli


Joined Wonderbound 2015

Lovedy has been a flipper, cartwheeler, and mover since she could walk. As a small girl her Grandmother referred to her as a “Mexican Jumping Bean.” Her childhood was steeped in the aesthetic of her mother – her namesake. She became enchanted by the indigenous peoples of the west and at 17 she lived on a Navajo Reservation for three months prior to beginning college in New Mexico. Her love of the West continued and she staked it out as her home.

Lovedy began studying Dance as a child into high school and her love of the art form continued into college at the University of New Mexico, where she studied, performed modern dance, and graduated with a BA in Dance. As her dance career continued in the bay area, and then in Colorado as well, she was a member of 3 dance companies, a freelance dancer, and also taught dance in Boulder. She also choreographed a number of pieces, and loved this process. Voice work and singing has been something she has enjoyed for years.

Lovedy has a deep passion for fine art, fashion, music, film, and the theater. After twelve years of dancing she began to realize her deep appreciation and passion for design, and so upon retiring as a dancer she began an Interior Design career. (To learn more go to lovedy.com). She has been an active member of the Denver/Boulder Art world, starting with “The Mudmen,” an urban aboriginal performance art group in Denver. She served on BMoCA’s board for 10 years and has volunteered and found reward in donating her time to many arts & humanitarian organizations.

Lovedy is a personable, outgoing, straight shooter and is known as a passionate art collector, and has a spirited ability to connect people. In her free time she enjoys riding her bike, hiking, Pilates and snowboarding & social dancing. In a continuation of her love of movement, she often dances in her living room with the music turned up, as well as dance classes of many varieties. She also looks at a lot of art – life itself is her palette.

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