Eleanor Moriarty

Production Manager

Joined Wonderbound 2008

Photography for Social Media and Marketing | www.amandatipton.com

Eleanor joined Wonderbound in the fall of 2008. She is a native of southern Wisconsin and has had the pleasure of working with Janesville Performing Arts Complex, United Arts Alliance, American Player’s Theatre, New Court Theatre, and Armory Dinner Theatre. Eleanor’s dance experience began at age of 5 but after 12 years of on stage performing she found her true passion to be behind the scenes. She is a graduate of University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with a BS in theatre arts management and fine arts. In addition to working with the Wonderbound Hares, Eleanor proudly oversees the Wonderbound partnership with the Pinnacle Charter School in managing the Performing Arts Complex at PCS. Through this partnership, she has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of organizations from all over the country.

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