Callie Kolbe


Joined Wonderbound 2015

Senior Energy Analyst
PointLogic Energy, An OPIS Company

A longtime dancer, beginning with ballet when she was three, Callie has spent years dedicating herself to the practice of dance. In between plies, POMS, and tango Callie discovered that dance can ignite a sense of community among people who would otherwise be strangers. Wonderbound is the living proof about how the arts are an inseparable part of what it means to be human and it is why Callie is so honored to serve the organization.

Alongside, Callie’s love of dance, she carries a drive for providing transparency and accessibility to data in the energy markets. She previously worked in Washington, D.C. as an Analyst for General Electric and recently returned to Denver to further specialize as a Senior Analyst the oil and gas industry. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from Tufts University.

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