Amber Blais

Communications Manager

Joined Wonderbound 2013

Photography for Social Media and Marketing | www.amandatipton.com

Amber joined Wonderbound on Valentines Day, 2013. Born and raised in Colorado, Amber has always been a huge fan of the arts and tries to be involved with them any way she can. From her exciting hobby in aerial dance to underground music festivals and art gallery openings, she can’t get enough of what the growing arts scene in Denver has to offer.

After graduating from the University of Colorado with a B.S. in Marketing, she has spent over 10 years putting her knowledge and passion to work for non-profits and organizations that worked to make the world a better place. Amber can talk for hours about all the amazing things that Wonderbound does, and as Communications Manager, she gets to do just that. She is also able to exercise her creativity by making the posters, postcards, programs, websites, and other exciting materials that help spread the word on what’s hopping at Wonderbound.

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