Arts with Purpose: Catalyzing Civic Engagement in Denver

Pay no mind to the woman in tattered layers with dirt caked onto the hands with which she holds a cardboard sign. Disregard the worn-out sleeping bags strewn across the sidewalks and trash-bag suitcases that congregations of faceless men and women drag with them, perhaps their only belongings in the world. Not engaging seems like a […]

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An Evening with Wonderbound

An Evening with Wonderbound There`s a one-of-a-kind performance that`s making its way to the Boettcher Concert Hall called “Wonderbound.” The show is a collaboration of great choreography and music from a variety of shows including “Swan Lake” and “Sleeping Beauty.” The director Garrett Ammon and violinist Karen Kinzie were here with us in studio.

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Ziggy and Freddy Dance

Ian Cooke, Chimney Choir, Queen, David Bowie and ballet?  Just your average evening, right?  Well, if you are in the company of Wonderbound and in the energy-charged city of Denver it is. Friday, February 19, 2016, these esteemed performers wowed and entertained a packed house at the Performing Arts Complex at the Pinnacle Charter School. […]

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Wonderbound brings Bowie and Queen to the ballet

Say the word ballet and it’s hard not to think of tutu-clad dancers tiptoeing about in tightly curled shoes to the swelling strings of a classical symphony. But if you’re Garrett Ammon, the artistic director of Denver’s Wonderbound ballet company, it isn’t a stretch to imagine those dancers rocking out to the music of David […]

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Queen and David Bowie Are Wonderbound

“Let’s Dance…” Denver’s premier dance Company, Wonderbound had scheduled the Rock Ballets into their 2016 season well before the world heard the news. In a perfect confluence of time and space, sound and vision, Artistic Director Garrett Ammon’s ballets, set to the music of David Bowie and Queen take flight a month after the legendary […]

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Based in Denver, Wonderbound was established in 2002 and has quickly grown into the second-largest professional dance company in Colorado. Originally called Ballet Nouveau Colorado and affiliated with a Broomfield-based dance school of the same name, in 2012–13 the company split with the dance school, changed its name, and moved to Denver. Led by artistic […]

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Eleanor Moriarty

“My advice to others aspiring to make it in the arts is to stick with it. If this is truly your life’s passion, the rewards are endless. Your professional journey might be bumpy and frustrating but it is totally worth it. Truly having a passion for your craft makes it seem less like work. This […]

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A Chance to Play, Enhance and Make Magic – A Gothic Folktale Returns

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Behind the Seams: Connecting Threads

I love watching the end of class in the mornings. As I get to know the artists here at Wonderbound, I find class to be a wonderful window for me as a designer and costumer into the personalities, body types, and individual styles of movement of each of the dancers. The subtleties of character and […]

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Behind the Seams with New Costume Designer Anaya Cullen

Wonderbound is excited to be working with Costume Designer Anaya Cullen for our 2016-2017 season and can’t wait to see the incredible works she creates for our upcoming productions. Each week, Anaya has agreed to give us a peek into the goings on in the costume shop with photos, costume secrets, musings and more. Ready? […]

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Dust To Dust


Wonderbound has set the bar high the past few years, taking on ever-increasing artistic challenges: collaborating with the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop’s Michael J. Henry, integrating sculptures by RedLine Denver artists into a performance set inside the gallery space, working with local photography powerhouse couple Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi Sink, performing to the area’s best musicians from DeVotchka’s Tom Hagerman to Ian Cooke to Paper Bird and the Colorado […]

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Audience Reactions to “Dust”

“Dust” opened on the ironically snowy evening of April 15 and a few audience members were kind enough to share their thoughts before braving the icy roads home.

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Dancer ⇄ Actor: Creating “Dust”

How do professional dancers and actors feel about combining roles? We asked members of Wonderbound and Curious Theatre to spell it out for us.

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The Dust Bowl Presented by Wonderbound and Curious Theatre Company


What: Dust; blending dance, theater and music Where: Premiers Friday, April 15, Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School 1001 W. 84th Ave, Denver When: 7:30 p.m. & 2 p.m. Cost: $22-$50 The Low Down: Imagine just for a moment you are placed back in time. A time in our American history that is often overlooked—the Dust Bowl. This history […]

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Wonderbound artfully blurs lines between dance, theater in “Dust”


Garrett Ammon’s fascination with vintage Americana has paid off in the most popular shows of his career, and he’s not done yet. As the artistic director for Wonderbound, Colorado’s second-largest professional dance company, Ammon has explored wistful, wind-swept longing in “Carry On,” his 2011 collaboration with Denver indie-folk band Paper Bird, and last year’s decidedly theatrical “Boomtown,” with genre-hopping act […]

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‘Dust’ Asks Whether The Dust Bowl Is Still Relevant in Dance, Theatre and song


The challenges that faced Coloradans on the Eastern Plains 80 years ago during the Dust Bowl are still relevant today, according to a new theater production of song and dance opening in Denver. Job loss, environmental problems partly caused by humans and distrust in the government are all themes in “Dust,” from Wonderbound ballet, Curious Theatre Company and folk […]

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Mother Nature’s Need (Music Video)

Jesse Manley creates evocative music that sends listeners on journeys through America’s past and present. For “Dust,” he wrote a brand new album to connect listeners with the Colorado Dust Bowl.

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Nathan Abels Paints “Dust”

We have the good fortune of partnering with Leon Art Gallery to curate the lobbies of each of our performances with artwork inspired by the show. For “Dust” Leon worked with Rule Gallery to host Nathan Abels.

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Rock Ballets – The DNA of Wonderbound

Rock Ballets burst onto stages in 2008 and gave audiences a taste of the special DNA that would develop into the company Wonderbound is today – rooted in classical dance yet hell-bent on exploring the boundaries of our medium.

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Rock Ballets Director Commentary

How does David Bowie relate to the creation of Earth? How does lighting effect narrative? What is the story behind the steps?
Step into the mind of Artistic Director Garrett Ammon as he discusses his vision for Rock Ballets while watching scenes from the hit production.

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