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Rachael has been costuming professionally since 2007. However, she started out at the learned age of 10 years old, chopping up fabrics and then learning how to stitch them. Her surgical skill created some awe-inspiring pieces, as well as some flops, but her gaggle of artist friends never failed to encourage her.

Later on, she married her bacon-lovin’ husband and decided that costuming wasn’t just a hobby and moved to Colorado where she began to stab fabrics with a needle for professional technical theater productions.

She has designed and stitched for multiple professional performing arts organizations. She is currently the resident Costume Designer and Wardrobe Supervisor for Wonderbound, the largest contemporary ballet company in Colorado.

Rachael lives on a farm between Boulder and Denver with her hubby and their two cats; “Hank” and “Bobbin”.

Rachael formerly ran Network Operations for a large internet company, but doesn’t like to talk about it because then people want to ask her tech support questions. No, she will not fix your computer.

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