Professor Phelyx

Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist, Artist


The entirely unique, Professor Phelyx. Photo by Amanda Tipton, 2014

Professor Phelyx is an award-winning Comedic Mentalist who began performing in 1981. As a Colorado native he loves being based in Denver but he does perform all over America and in Europe. He is currently co-producing several shows and is excited to tour his new one-man show, Professor Phelyx and the World’s Most Dangerous THING!

His style shows the clear imprint of the inuence of vintage circus, Vaudeville and other bygone styles of live entertainment. Those inuences come through in Phelyx’s stage presence and showmanship, but that persona never feels fake or forced. Indeed, Phelyx is just being Phelyx, when he is demonstrating impossible feats of mental metal-bending, mindreading and card magic. Recently, he trained an assistant to fool a polygraph examination that was administered by a licensed, expert examiner. It took him just 12 hours to train his pupil to beat the test.

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