Photo by Samuel Pike, 2014

Chimney Choir is:

Kris Drickey – vocals, violin, piano, percussion

Kevin Larkin – vocals, mandolin, harmonica, sampling, synths

David Rynhart – vocals, piano, guitar, percussion

Carl Sorensen – percussion

Tom Plassmeyer – bass

Chimney Choir combines folk harmonies, ambient electronics, and swirling textures of rhythm and melody into a style of music that is not easy to define. They have toured the country extensively and produced and released five recordings. Their performances often take on a theatrical quality that has incorporated puppetry, ritual, dance, storytelling, interactive video and even a sci-fi mini-drama. In collaboration with Wonderbound, they created the full-length ballet ​Boomtown, which debuted in April 2015. Their new release, ​(dream), is the latest incarnation of their joyous fall down into the rabbit hole of playful, immersive theatrical multimedia concept shows.

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