Wonderbound’s collaborators are a diverse collection of the finest artists, leaders and organizations in Colorado. Their immeasurable capacities and talents are making our community, and the world, a better place.

Colorado Symphony

Creating Extraordinary Musical Experiences

Baroque Chamber Orchestra of Colorado

Professional Period-Instrument Ensemble

Chimney Choir

genre-bending folk/rock band

Ian Cooke Band

Singer, Songwriter, Cellist, Pianist

Michael J. Henry

Poet & Nonfiction Writer

Professor Phelyx

Magician, Illusionist, Mentalist, Artist

Joseph Lukasik

Saxophone & Clarinet

Amanda Tipton

Fine Arts Photographer

Kristopher Collins

Projection Artist

Tom Varani & Andrea Pliner

Paintings, Murals, Objects

Karalyn Star Pytel

Lighting Designer

Mark Sink


Paper Bird

indie folk, blue-eyed soul and rock

Tom Hagerman

Multi-Instrumentalist and Composer

Rachael Kras


Sam Pike

Connector, videographer, and storytelling host living in Denver, CO

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