ArtScene: 0204

On this month’s ArtScene, we are joined by the incredible dance company, Wonderbound, plus Art Students League of Denver instructor Tom Mazzullo. We’ll also look at some non-traditional public art with The Bridge Project.

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Audience Reactions to “Dust”

“Dust” opened on the ironically snowy evening of April 15 and a few audience members were kind enough to share their thoughts before braving the icy roads home.

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Dancer ⇄ Actor: Creating “Dust”

How do professional dancers and actors feel about combining roles? We asked members of Wonderbound and Curious Theatre to spell it out for us.

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Rock Ballets Director Commentary

How does David Bowie relate to the creation of Earth? How does lighting effect narrative? What is the story behind the steps?
Step into the mind of Artistic Director Garrett Ammon as he discusses his vision for Rock Ballets while watching scenes from the hit production.

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Designed Chance (Music Video)

“Designed Chance” comes from Jesse Manley’s Winter album. It was created for Garrett Ammon’s work by the same name and debuted December of 2014.

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Season Trailer for 2015-2016

Fall of 2015 opens upon our most imaginative season yet. From the Dust Bowl, to glam rock, to the depths of human temptation, Wonderbound will guide you on an unforgettable journey. Do you have the curiosity to keep up?

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Boomtown Artist Spotlight: Jared Anderson (Video)

Denver’s art connoisseurs at Leon Gallery suggest pairing the work of Jared Anderson with our upcoming show Boomtown. Why? Check out our latest artist spotlight video for the answer.

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Silent Film: The Affair of the Necklace

Amid the turmoil and tragedy of Marie, our most recent production, audiences were treated to a much lighter tale of deception, greed and power-hungry shenanigans through the silent film,”The Affair of the Necklace.”

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A Different Direction: The Music of Chimney Choir

Chimney Choir, our collaborators for Boomtown, approach their music with a unique blend of tenacity and lighthearted curiosity, resulting in inventive pieces that are precisely executed. Get a taste for their process in this video.

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Getting Plastered: The Masks of Marie

Intrigued by the masks you saw in our most recent production? Meet the artists behind them and take a peek at their creation process in this video!

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Chimney Choir TEDx Performance

Our upcoming collaborators for Boomtown, Chimney Choir, recently performed for TEDx Boulder. Check out their performance here to get a taste of what’s in store for April.

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Meet Our Neighbor

Darwin stopped by our rehearsal studio located at the corner of Broadway and Park Ave to tell us why he fell in love with Wonderbound.

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