Smuin kicks off its 23rd season with Dance Series 01

By Terez Rose, 03 October 2016 A subtle rebranding has taken place at San Francisco’s Smuin Ballet, with the company’s moniker both shrinking, to simply “Smuin”, and expanding, to incorporate “Contemporary American” within its name. And in proper form, the season’s opening program, Dance Series 01, performed Saturday at the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, […]

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Smuin Ballet delivers satisfying fare in its UNTAMED Dance Series


The publicity photo advertising Smuin Ballet’s “Untamed” Dance Series, which opened Friday at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, says it all. A ballerina in a snowy-white costume, hair tucked in a bun, poses in a technically precise arabesque en pointe, while her shadow has morphed into a wilder thing, head thrown back in abandon, unbound hair flying, hands jazzed out.

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