Upon the renewal of each year, we reflect upon our lives, often taking the time to reach out to loved ones. At times, we also reflect upon the need to add new people to our catalog of lovers, friends and friends we call family. As we advance towards Valentine’s Day, the enduring question is: why love? What makes it our bane and vitality?

If you ask Garrett Ammon, the answer is simple. To love is a human necessity.

Pulling from the wisdom of Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse and that of the consummate romantic, Garrett Ammon, we are going to crystal-ball the vision, emotion and energy resulting in the forthcoming collaboration with Chimney Choir, Garrett Ammon’s Aphrodite’s Switchboard, presented February 9-24 2018 at three Denver-area venues.

Amy Giammarusco and Damien Patterson in Garrett Ammon’s Snow.

“The lover’s discourse is usually a smooth envelope which encases the Image, a very gentle glove around the loved being…”

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

Sarah Tallman and Evan Flood in rehearsal for Garrett Ammon’s A Dangerous Liason. Amanda Tipton Photography.

How do we embrace love? Current society seems to place just as much weight on strife as peace. Couples who have been together for a long time are almost the exception versus the rule. We’ve almost built a society contrary to love. Aphrodite’s Switchboard will challenge this devolution and bring about spirited folly.

Wonderbound and Chimney Choir began a conversation exploring the essence they wished to capture through this production. The switchboard is one of our central “characters” for this period piece set in the art deco period, in which innovations in technology result in machines that have the potential to facilitate human connection–or threaten to break it apart.

Morgan Sicklick and Ben Youngstone in rehearsal for Garrett Ammon’s Celestial Navigation. Martha Wirth Photography.

“I want to understand myself, to make myself understood, make myself known, be embraced; I want someone to take me with him.”

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

Is our Aphrodite going to lead us to the pure, emblazoned moments free from consequence? Will attending this immersive experience involve risk? I dare say, yes! Wonderbound has actively embraced risk as part of its identity. Upon the debut of Aphrodite’s Switchboard, we will all be transported to a land of whimsy, vulnerability and amor.

“The amorous subject experiences every meeting with the loved being as festival.”

Roland Barthes, A Lover’s Discourse

Universally, we all want the same thing: to obtain a higher connection with humanity, with hope, with a better world. We invite you to experience this elevated exploration of the heart through an immersive sensory experience of movement and sound sure to delight during this month of love. See you there.

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