Dust To Dust


Wonderbound has set the bar high the past few years, taking on ever-increasing artistic challenges: collaborating with the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop’s Michael J. Henry, integrating sculptures by RedLine Denver artists into a performance set inside the gallery space, working with local photography powerhouse couple Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi Sink, performing to the area’s best musicians from DeVotchka’s Tom Hagerman to Ian Cooke to Paper Bird and the Colorado […]

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Audience Reactions to “Dust”

“Dust” opened on the ironically snowy evening of April 15 and a few audience members were kind enough to share their thoughts before braving the icy roads home.

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Dancer ⇄ Actor: Creating “Dust”

How do professional dancers and actors feel about combining roles? We asked members of Wonderbound and Curious Theatre to spell it out for us.

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The Dust Bowl Presented by Wonderbound and Curious Theatre Company


What: Dust; blending dance, theater and music Where: Premiers Friday, April 15, Performing Arts Complex at Pinnacle Charter School 1001 W. 84th Ave, Denver When: 7:30 p.m. & 2 p.m. Cost: $22-$50 The Low Down: Imagine just for a moment you are placed back in time. A time in our American history that is often overlooked—the Dust Bowl. This history […]

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Wonderbound artfully blurs lines between dance, theater in “Dust”


Garrett Ammon’s fascination with vintage Americana has paid off in the most popular shows of his career, and he’s not done yet. As the artistic director for Wonderbound, Colorado’s second-largest professional dance company, Ammon has explored wistful, wind-swept longing in “Carry On,” his 2011 collaboration with Denver indie-folk band Paper Bird, and last year’s decidedly theatrical “Boomtown,” with genre-hopping act […]

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‘Dust’ Asks Whether The Dust Bowl Is Still Relevant in Dance, Theatre and song


The challenges that faced Coloradans on the Eastern Plains 80 years ago during the Dust Bowl are still relevant today, according to a new theater production of song and dance opening in Denver. Job loss, environmental problems partly caused by humans and distrust in the government are all themes in “Dust,” from Wonderbound ballet, Curious Theatre Company and folk […]

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Mother Nature’s Need (Music Video)

Jesse Manley creates evocative music that sends listeners on journeys through America’s past and present. For “Dust,” he wrote a brand new album to connect listeners with the Colorado Dust Bowl.

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