Rehearsal Poem

Poet and author Eleanor Perry-Smith visited our space yesterday and wrote a poem about her experience. The beauty of her words speak for themselves.

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Silent Film: The Affair of the Necklace

Amid the turmoil and tragedy of Marie, our most recent production, audiences were treated to a much lighter tale of deception, greed and power-hungry shenanigans through the silent film,”The Affair of the Necklace.”

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A Different Direction: The Music of Chimney Choir

Chimney Choir, our collaborators for Boomtown, approach their music with a unique blend of tenacity and lighthearted curiosity, resulting in inventive pieces that are precisely executed. Get a taste for their process in this video.

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Trailer for “The Untitled Book”

This unique creation, crafted by Garrett Ammon for intimate settings, makes its Boulder debut on March 12th at the Highland City Club.
Watch the trailer to sample what awaits.

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