Behind the Seams: Ready, Set, Stitch!

For this week’s installment of Behind the Seams, Rachael spells out the steps required to create a costume–from ideation to final product.

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Behind the Seams with Rachael Kras: Marie

Dive into our upcoming production of Marie through a weekly check-in with our costume designer Rachael Kras. This week features photos of fabric, prep work and the first outlines of ideas.

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Chimney Choir TEDx Performance

Our upcoming collaborators for Boomtown, Chimney Choir, recently performed for TEDx Boulder. Check out their performance here to get a taste of what’s in store for April.

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Setting the Stage for Marie

2015 is here but we’d rather focus on the 17th century…confused? Check out these notes from our latest production meeting to find out what we’re working on!

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