Liberating the Imagination through Dance


Fascinated by 20th century surrealism, Wonderbound’s Sarah Tallman has created a ballet that bridges the unconscious and the conscious. The blurred lines between fantasy and reality are expressed through dreamlike choreography.

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Photo Gallery: Sketching at the Speed of Dance

“If you like to study working bodies,” Caster explains, “dancers are great.” The class, now in its second year, is called The Dancer in Motion/ Wonderbound Collaboration and involves 15 students spending five Saturdays at the company’s rehearsal studio. After reviewing technique with Caster, students grab materials and head into the studio. Pencils fly in […]

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A Conversation with Sarah Tallman


Sarah Tallman, dancer and choreographer for Wonderbound, sat down for an interview about her new piece prepared for the upcoming production Enduring Grace. Hear about Tallman’s influences and creative process as well as the classical dance roots that underpin Wonderbound’s modern take on dance, collaborative art and performance.

Hosted by Michael Edwards with special guest co-host Meredith Strathmeyer.

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Whatever happens in this space feels like magic


When someone loves her job, you can feel it. When the energy is palpable in a space and magic happens, there is a shared sense. The magnitude of potential available within the walls of Wonderbound simply astounds.

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