Wonderbound’s Garrett Ammon Creates a New Holiday Tradition With Snow

The setting for Wonderbound’s Snow. Erica Prather A gargantuan juniper tree twists its way from the floor to the ceiling of Junction Box, Wonderbound’s studio and rehearsal space; dancers rehearse combinations underneath leaves constructed from umbrellas. Anyone stumbling across this scene might feel that they’ve walked into a fairy tale, or maybe a scene from […]

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From Firebird to the Flobots: Four Must-See Dance Shows in Denver

Maria Mosina in Firebird. Denver is a dance city: It hosts a classical ballet company, as well as the nation’s second-largest contemporary ballet company, mere miles from one another. Few cities between the coasts boast such an array of repertoires and styles. Upcoming dance performances along the Front Range range from Balanchine to storybook ballets […]

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Dancer Sarah Tallman on Wonderbound, Kurt Weill and Her Ballet Premiering at JAAMM

Dancer Sarah Tallman at work on her new ballet. Amanda Tipton Sarah Tallman has been dancing with Wonderbound, the Denver-based contemporary ballet company, since 2004. She’s also doubled as a choreographer, creating work both for Wonderbound and the Oklahoma City Ballet; in 2015, she was selected for the National Choreographers Initiative. Tallman is premiering a […]

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Wonderbound: A Gothic Folktale

By Lauren Archuletta An “overlooked” janitor dances his way into a magical love story in Wonderbound’s A Gothic Folktale, a circus-themed production from 2013 that’s being brought back to kick off the company’s new season. “This is a collaboration between contemporary ballet and Jesse Manley’s folk-rock score,” says Amber Blais, communications manager for Wonderbound. “Additionally, […]

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