Dust To Dust


Wonderbound has set the bar high the past few years, taking on ever-increasing artistic challenges: collaborating with the Lighthouse Writer’s Workshop’s Michael J. Henry, integrating sculptures by RedLine Denver artists into a performance set inside the gallery space, working with local photography powerhouse couple Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi Sink, performing to the area’s best musicians from DeVotchka’s Tom Hagerman to Ian Cooke to Paper Bird and the Colorado […]

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Whatever happens in this space feels like magic


When someone loves her job, you can feel it. When the energy is palpable in a space and magic happens, there is a shared sense. The magnitude of potential available within the walls of Wonderbound simply astounds.

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Wonderbound’s Brave New World


And scene: up-tempo, heavy drum roll and a cello – the makings of a good night! But, wait, I am here for a dance performance, and I have a live band before me (ian cooke), the magnificent dancers of Wonderbound and the eloquent words of Michael J. Henry? What kind of Denver dance icon came up with this collaboration at the Performing Arts Complex, Pinnacle Charter School? Garrett Ammon, artistic director of Wonderbound is the acclaimed choreographer/visionary to thank.

The last show of Wonderbound’s season, Gone West, invigorates the senses.

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Wonderbound’s “Love” and the Examined Life


Wondering what to expect from this Wonderbound performance? Expect enthusiastic applause. Expect to witness powerful artists flexing their various crafts and loving it. Expect a multi-generational audience ready to participate in the humor and joy the company brings to the stage. Love is vibrant and sensual, fun and wry. Pick your poison: Exceptional music, charged dancing, provocative poetry; all are created fresh and live before your eyes, ears, and mind. Wonderbound’s collaborative emphasis is beautifully realized here.

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bit by the LOVE bug


On February 14 – 16, Wonderbound is going to bite you! It will nip and pierce taking you on LOVE’s journey through whimsy, chaos and giddiness. Pulling on your heartstrings, Wonderbound’s dancers accompanied by Confluence String Quartet, Heidi Leathwood on piano and the words of poet, Michael J. Henry take you on a multi-sensory journey. […]

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