Magpies, Misunderstood

Wonderbound presents Winter, a multi-sensory production taking audience engagement to a whole new level. Winter is an original fairy tale written by Garrett Ammon (is there anything he can’t do?) that explores the archetype of the magpie and its symbolism in European folklore. Magpies very often carry a negative connotation – they are omens of […]

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Hidden Constellation: Grasping Kabbalah

In collaboration with Hal Aqua and the Lost Tribe, Wonderbound delves into the ancient wisdom that is Kabbalah in Hidden Constellation: a journey through the realms of emanation, creation, formation, and action. Though it has endured hundreds of years, many are unfamiliar with the teachings of Kabbalah. Kabbalah itself is a mystical Jewish tradition that […]

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Found: A Super Awesome Intern (or so we shall see)


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