‘Dust’ Asks Whether The Dust Bowl Is Still Relevant in Dance, Theatre and song


The challenges that faced Coloradans on the Eastern Plains 80 years ago during the Dust Bowl are still relevant today, according to a new theater production of song and dance opening in Denver. Job loss, environmental problems partly caused by humans and distrust in the government are all themes in “Dust,” from Wonderbound ballet, Curious Theatre Company and folk […]

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CPR Weekend Arts Roundup


Wonderbound’s Enduring Grace was mentioned in CPR’s Weekend Arts Roundup. Listen to it here: http://www.cpr.org/news/story/weekend-arts-roundup-toast-mexican-photography-love-golden-years-and-more

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Few Colo. artists highlighted in international arts festivals in Rockies


Several world-renowned arts festivals have made their homes in Colorado mountain towns, including the Aspen Music and Vail International Dance festivals.

They bring in some of the world’s top performers. But few Colorado artists and companies perform at these events each year.

The last time a major Colorado orchestra performed at the Aspen Music Festival was in 1950.

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Denver struggling to keep performing arts complex relevant


How do you keep a civic gem from becoming an urban relic? That’s the question facing the Denver Performing Arts Complex and Denver Arts and Venues, the agency which owns it.

DPAC, as the complex is known, is the second largest of its kind in the U.S., after Lincoln Center. Massive performance halls house the city’s flagship classical arts companies: the Colorado Ballet, the Colorado Symphony, and Opera Colorado. Patrons can see a variety of performances there, from Broadway shows to cutting-edge theater.

But walk through the glass-roofed galleria when a show isn’t playing and there’s one thing you won’t see: people.

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‘Gone West’ combines Colorado poetry, dance and music on stage


For the latest production from Denver’s Wonderbound dance company, artistic director Garrett Ammon collaborates with poet Michael Henry to explore the natural, mythical, social and political landscapes of Colorado.

“Gone West,” which marks the third partnership between the choreographer and poet, also incorporates original music by songwriter/cellist Ian Cooke.

The story is set in a drive-in campground which characters who represent different backgrounds and beliefs temporarily call home.

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Can dance work on the radio? Ira Glass weighs in


On the inaugural episode of CPR’s new arts show tomorrow, Ira Glass, the host of “This American Life,” comments on a new project mounted by CPR’s Arts Bureau to find out how dance — a predominantly visual medium — might carry on the aural medium of radio.

Glass is in a prime position to offer thoughts on CPR’s “Radio Dances” project as he recently toured the country with dance-makers Monica Bill Barnes and Anna Bass in a live stage show in which the radio personality and his collaborators told stories with words and movement.

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Radio Dances: ‘The Most of It’ by Wonderbound


“The Most of It” is choreographed by Garrett Ammon, artistic director of Wonderbound, and Wonderbound dance artists Amanda Copple and Brandon Freeman. Copple and Freeman perform the dance. The musical selection is titled “A Reasonable Life,” and is composed and performed by Denver musician Ian Cooke.

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Q&A: A photographer chronicles dancers and homeless people


The enormous garage doors at the Wonderbound dance studio in Denver beg any curious passersby to glance through the glass panels.

Since moving to its new location in Five Points last year, the dance company has attracted the attention of many people in the neighborhood, including homeless individuals.

After hearing about various exchanges between Wonderbound’s dancers and the homeless community, Lena Prieto wanted to explore the relationship with her photography.

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