Artist Statement

If I had to distill my creative approach to a single phrase, it would be “a shared journey of discovery and possibility.” This has led me to work with an ever-growing list of collaborating artists and organizations. These undertakings have produced artistic creations that erase boundaries between mediums, and engage artists and audiences in candid explorations of the human experience.

I cherish these intimate journeys and the relationships that have grown out of them. They have changed me at my core and drive me to ask more of myself each day. They have opened worlds to me and left me dumbfounded, unable to fathom my own great fortune in knowing such remarkable human beings.

I see these projects as metaphors for our capacity to create change in our world. To truly understand one another, we must move beyond conversation and actively engage in the creation of something new. Only then can we appreciate the expansive beauty of our shared humanity.

We live in a remarkable age. Humanity continues its journey of astonishing intellectual discovery. The boundless strength of the human spirit is persistently illuminated in ways big and small. But at our core, we are still primal creatures, children of our forebears, wrestling with fears and failings, and driven by instincts hard-wired across the ages.

These collisions of capacity, courage and compulsion are what define us. We must revel in our complexity, we must embrace it, celebrate it, and be bound to it. We must reach far into our past and strive relentlessly toward our future. We must be forthright about our frailties and lay bare our souls.

We must dream, we must work, we must be rigorous. Only then might we glimpse the true possibility that resides within all of us.

This is the essence of Wonderbound.

– Garrett Ammon